It's an outdoor resort park of Higashikagura surrounded by Biei, Mount Asahi and the Daisetsuzan mountain group.


40, 25 Gō, Higashikagura-chō, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
business hours
08: 30 ~ 17: 00
※ From late April to early October (closed in winter)
other information

From Asahikawa station
About 30 minutes by road Doto-gawa, Higashikagura, Asahikawa

From Asahikawa Airport
About 15 minutes by Doto-Asahikawa Airport line on the highway

From Asahiyama Zoo
About 20 minutes

From Asahikawa City Science Museum Saipal
About 30 minutes

From Sapporo at the highway highway
About 2 hours

* Business days and hours are subject to change due to the influence of Novel Cornavirus (COVID-19).

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