Nemuro Peninsula Chashi Ruins

"Chassi" means "fence fence" in Ainu language, and it is said that it was used for multipurpose use such as a moat, a place of rituals, a lookout area.


It was built by the Ainu people in the 16th to 18th centuries, and there are 32 chassi traces in Nemuro city. This "Nne Nemotochasshi trace" is a representative thing, and it is maintained so that you can observe it.
Thirty-two chassi traces remain in Nemuro city, and 24 of them are designated as "National Nemuro Peninsula Chassi Traces" as a nationally designated historic site.
55 Onnemoto, Nemuro, Hokkaido
other information
Access: Bus (Nemuro Kotsu Nasabu Line) Nemuro Station → Nasabu Bus Stop Approx. 30 minutes on foot

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