Currently it is chosen as "Japan's 100 Ways of Roads", "Sakura 100 Points Sakura", "Hokkaido Heritage", etc. It is popular among many people as the most famous cherry blossom festival in Japan, and in the beginning of May every year, A cherry blossom viewer visits from all over the country to see a cherry blossom trees at a glance.

Approximately 3,000 cherry blossoms are blooming over 7 kilometers straight on the twenty-way road.

At that time, since the width of the right and left road was exactly twenty (about 36 meters), it came to be called a twenty-way road.


Shizunai Tahara~Shizunai Misono, Shinhidaka-cho Hidaka-gun, Hokkaido~Shizunai Misono,
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In the JR "Shizunai" station get Donan bus go to "Noya", "Sakuragaoka ko" get off, 15 minutes on foot

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